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Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal

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I’m Eliza, I work in sales, and it recently came to my attention that I have poor instincts, a weak stomach, no real friends and— Loose sexual morals? Have we met?

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So if y'all haven't heard about Pumpkin Online yet... »


It’s time to EDUCATE YO’SELF.

pumpkinonline is a farming and dating RPG game (inspired by Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, if you’re into that) currently in the works. It’s gonna be the BEST DAMN MMORPG ON THE INTERWEBS, and I’ll tell you why:

  • it will…
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The quickest way to my heart is to compliment my OC.
Ancient Bioware fandom proverb (via couslands)

Last of the Headcanons for tonight

Talan loves pretty things. She’s not embarrassed by it either. It translates into her taste in women as well. She would learn to arrange flowers just so she could give her ladylove a bouquet of flowers.

Even More Headcanons

She’s confident and has a head for tactics. While she has a very relaxed and laid back approach to life she has a sense of responsibility. She knows how to balance the two.

More Headcanon

She’s hornless and enjoys saying she’s awesome and has a destiny. Not like in a hyper or super loud way but she would mention these things and grin at whoever she’s talking to.

Head Canons

Talan means truth. She’s very proud of it.

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